Abbreviations Description
A-BOND AccuBond
A-BOND LR AccuBond Long Range
A-MAX A-MAX Match Bullet
ABCT AccuBond CT
AF A-Frame
B-L Blood Line
B-PIN Bowling Pin
B-TIP Ballistic Tip
BAND-S Banded Solid
Barnes Expander Expander
Berger AR Hybrid OTM AR Hybrid OTM
BLKG BlitzKing
BLKG M BlitzKing Match
BNWC Button Nose Wadcutter
Bonded JHP Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point
BR Bench Rest
BST Ballistic Silvertip, Combined Technology
BSTR Buster
BT Boat Tail or Nosler Balistic Tip
BT Match Boat Tail Match
BT MB Boat Tail - Match Burner
BTHP Boat Tail Hollow Point
BTHP CANN BTHP with cannelure
BTHP-M Boat Tail Hollow Point - Match
BTLF Ballistic Tip Lead-Free
BTSP Boat Tail Spire Point
BTT Boat Tail Target
BTTLR Boat Tail Target Long Range
BTV Boat Tail Varmint
CAST LFP CAST Lead Flat Point
CAST LRN CAST Lead Round Nose
CMJ Complete Metal Jacket
CN GC Conical GC
CPFN Copper Plated Flat Nose
CPHP Copper Plated Hollow Point
CPRN Copper Plated Round Nose
CTRN Combined Technologies Round Nose
DEWC Double Ended Wadcutter
DGS Dangerous Game Solid
DGX Dangerous Game eXpanding
DGX Bonded Dangerous Game eXpanding Bonded
E-TIP Expansion Tip ( E-Tip ) Lead Free Bullet
ELD Match Extremely Low Drag Match
ELD-X Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding
EP Expanding Point
FB Flat Base
FB-MB Flat Base-Match Burner
FBHP Flat Base Hollow Point
FBRN Flat Base Round Nose
FBT Flat Base Target
FBV Flat Base Varmint
FMC Full Metal Case
FMJ Full Metal Jacket
FMJ BT Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
FMJ CE Full Metal Jacket CE
FMJ CT Full Metal Jacket Combat/Target
FMJ Flat Full Metal Jacket Flat
FMJ Flat Subsonic Full Metal Jacket Flat Subsonic
FMJ FN Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose
FMJ FP Full Metal Jacket Flat Point
FMJ HP Full Metal Jacket Hollow Point
FMJ PH Full Metal Jacket Pro Hunter
FMJ RN Full Metal Jacket Round Nose
FMJ SWC Full Metal Jacket Semi Wadcutter
FMJ TC Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone
FMJ ZC Full Metal Jacket Zinc Core
FMJ ZINC Full Metal Jacket ZINC
FN Flat Nose
FN-O Flat Nose OriginaL
FNSP Flat Nose Soft Point
FP Flat Point
FP InterLock® FP InterLock
FPJ Full Profile Jacket
FPJ MATCH Full Profile Jacket - Match
FS Fail Safe
FSP Fusion Soft Point
FTX Flex Tip
FTX ME Flex Tip for Marlin Express
GC Gas Check
GDHP Gold Dot Hollow Point
GDSP Gold Dot Soft Point
GK GameKing
GMX Gilding Metal Expanding
GSAB Golden Saber
GSLAM Grand Slam
HAP Hornady Action Pistol
HB Hollow Base
HBFP Hollow Base Flat Point
HBHP Hollow Base Hollow Point
HBRN Hollow Base Round Nose
HBRN TP Hollow Base Round Nose Thick Plate
HBWC Hollow Base Wadcutter
HC Hollow Cavity
HORNET Bullet intended for .22 Hornet velocities
HP Hollow Point
HP “Bee” Hollow Point for Tube Fed Rifles
HP-V Hollow Point Varminter
HPBT Hollow Point Boat Tail
HPBT CC Hollow Point Boat Tail Custom Competition
HPBT GK Hollow Point Boat Tail Game King
HPBT MK Hollow Point Boat Tail Match King
HS Hydra-Shok
HSP Hollow Soft Point
HUNT Hunting Profile Bullet
JFP Jacketed Flat Point
JHC Jacketed Hollow Cavity
JHP Jacketed Hollow Point
JRN Jacketed Round Nose
JSP Jacketed Soft Point
JSWC Jacketed Semi Wadcutter
KSPB Keith-Style Piston Bullet
LBBWC Lead Bevel Base Wadcutter
LCN Lead Conical Nose
LCN GC LEAD Conical w/GC
LFN Lead Flat Nose
LFN GC Lead Flat Nose w/ Gas Check
LFN PB Lead Flat Nose Plain Base
LFP Lead Flat Point
LFP GC Lead Flat Point w/ Gas Check
LHBWC Lead Hollow Base Wadcutter
LR Hybrid Target Long Range Hybrid Target
LRN Lead Round Nose
LRN FP Lead Round Nose Flat Point
LRX Long Range X Bullet
LSWC Lead Semi Wadcutter
LSWC GC Lead Semi-Wadcutter w/ Gas Check
LSWC HP Lead Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point
LWC Lead Wadcutter
M 855 US Military Enhanced Penitrator
M-FLEX Monoflex
M-HYB Match Hybrid
M-TSP Mag-Tip Soft Point
Match BTHP Match BT Hollow Point
MC Metal Case
Mega Lapua Mega
MK MatchKing
MMF Match Mag Feed
MPG Multi-Purpose Green
MRX Maximum Range X Bullet
MRX-BT Maximum Range X Bullet Boat Tail
MT-SP Mag Tip Soft Point
Naturalis Lapua Naturalis
NTP Narrow Taper Point
NTX Non-Toxic Expanding
ORYX Bonded Bullet
PART Partition
PH Pro-Hunter
PLINKR Plinker Lead-Tipped Short-Jacket
PSP Pointed Soft Point
PSP CL Pointed Soft Point Core Loct
PUNCH Punch Bullet, BME
RDF Reduced Drag Factor
RHFP Reduced Hazard Flat Point
RN Round Nose
RN BB Round Nose Bevel Base
RNDS Round Nose Double Strike
RNFP Round Nose Flat Point
RNHB Round Nose Hollow Base
RNSP Round Nose Spire Point
RNSWC Round Nose Semi Wadcutter
RS Radiused Shoulder
S SPTZ Semi-Spitzer
SB Solid Base
SBT Spitzer Boat Tail
SBT GK Spitzer Boat Tail Game King
SBTSP Spitzer Boat Tail Spire Point
SCENAR Match Boat Tail
Scenar-L Lapua Scenar L
SCIR Scirocco
SCIR II Scirocco II
SFIRE Sinterfire
SJ Short Jacket
SJHP Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
SJSP Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
SJSP Flat Semi-Jacketed Soft Point Flat
SMP Semi Pointed
SP Spire Point or Soft Point
SPBT Soft Point Boat Tail
SPSX Spire Point Super Explosive
SPT Spitzer
SPT PH Pro Hunter Spitzer
SPT V Spitzer Varmint
SSP Single Shot Pistol
SSSP Semi-Spitzer Soft Point
SST Super Shock Tip
ST Silver Tip
Sub-X Subsonic — eXpanding
SWC Semi Wadcutter
SWC GC Semi-Wadcutter w/ Gas Check
SWCBB Semi Wadcutter Beveled Base
SWHP Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point
SX Super Explosive
TAC-TX Tactical Tipped X-Bullet M/LE
TAC-X BT Tactical X-Bullet Boat Tail
TAC-XP Tactical X-Bullet M/LE
TBBC Trophy Bonded Bear Claw
TBBC SP Trophy Bonded Bear Claw SP
TBSS Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid
TBT Trophy Bonded Tip
TC Truncated Cone
TCBB Truncated Cone Beveled Base
TGK GameChanger
THOTM Tactical Hybrid Open Tip Match
TMJ Total Metal Jacket
TMJ FN Total Metal Jacket Flat Nose
TMJ FP Total Metal Jacket Flat Point
TMJ RN Total Metal Jacket Round Nose
TMJ SWC Total Metal Jacket Semi Wadcutter
TMK Tipped MatchKing
TNT Varmint Bullet
TRN Total Copper Jacket Round Nose
TSX Triple Shock X Bullet
TSX BT Triple Shock X Bullet Boat Tail
TSX FB Triple Shock X Bullet Flat Base
TSX FN Triple Shock X Bullet Flat Nose
TTSX Tipped Triple Shock X Bullet
TTSX BT Tipped Triple Shock X Bullet Boat Tail
TTSX FB Tipped Triple Shock X Bullet Flat Base
VARM Varminator
VARMG Varmageddon
VARMGT Varmageddon Tipped
VG Varmint Grenade
VG FB Varmint Grenade Flat Base
VLC Varmint bullet with Dry Lubricant Coating
VLD Very Low Drag
VLD Hunting Very Low Drag Hunting
VLD Target Very Low Drag Target
VNX Varmint Nightmare X-treme
WC Wadcutter
WCDBB Wadcutter Double Base Beveled
WLCPP Weldcore Protected Point
WTP Wide Taper Point
X X Bullet
XBT X Boat Tail
XBTC X Boat Tail Coated
XFB X Flat Base Bullet
XLC X Coated Bullet
XTP eXtreme Terminal Performance
XTP MAG eXtreme Terminal Performance — Magnum