Load Data for .375 Scovill

Bullet: 270 gr Banded Solids  (Barnes)
Diameter: 0.375"
Powder: TAC (Ramshot)
Starting Powder: 50.0 gr
Max Powder: 55.0 gr
Primer: FED 210m
Case: REM
Trim Length: 2.430"
Cartridge Overall Length: 3.125"
Starting Velocity: 2,289
Starting Pressure:  
Max Velocity: 2,450
Max Pressure:  
*There are two methods for creating .375 cases. The first is to neck up (expand) the mouth of a .35 Whelen case to .375” with an RCBS tapered expander. Trim to the listed length. Next, seat a 235-grain .375 TSX bullet ahead of a starting load of propellant. Make sure the bullet is in hard contact with the lands when the cartridge is chambered. This holds the base of the cartridge against the bolt face during the fire-forming operation. *The second method calls for necking a .35 Whelen case to .400” or .416”, then running the case through a .375 Scovill die to create a false shoulder. Trim to the listed length. Now fire-form the case by firing it in a .375 Scovill chamber. *Recommend crimping the mouth into front cannelure groove.
Barrel: 25" with 1:12" twist.
Source: https://www.barnesbullets.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/375ScovillWeb.pdf

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