Load Data for .300 Lapua Magnum

Bullet: 220 gr HPBT  (Sierra)
Powder: 20N29 (VihtaVuori)
Starting Powder: 93.5 gr
Max Powder: 99.6 gr
Primer:  Large Rifle Magnum
Case: Lapua
Trim Length: 2.713"
Cartridge Overall Length: 3.661"
Starting Velocity: 2,808
Starting Pressure:  
Max Velocity: 2,980
Max Pressure:  
CAUTION: Loads less than the listed starting loads may cause excessive chamber pressure and must not be used!
Barrel: 27" with 1 in 9.5" twist.
Source: https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/?cartridge=21

Printed from Shooter's Reference on 05/19/2024: